‘Everyone Should Be an Entrepreneur’ – the Absurdity of Uniformity

One day, at the age of forty-five, you wake up to the realisation that you have ‘climbed the wrong ladder’ in your corporate career. For the last twenty years, you have worked tirelessly to ascend the ranks from Sales Intern to Chief Executive of Widget Incorporated, and now that you have finally made it -…

The Two-Dimensionality Trap

One mid-autumn evening, during a stringent ‘lockdown’ period imposed on my country in response to the coronavirus pandemic, I was lying in bed with my laptop. While watching some video, or reading some article, it occurred to me that I could not remember how I had spent the last few hours. I knew that I…

The Hilltop View

I have spent much of my adult life – which is about four years – walking to the tops of hills and looking down off them. Notwithstanding that it can be f**king cold when the wind is up, there is something about taking the high vantage point a hilltop provides that teaches you something about…

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